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Sunday, February 7, 2010
Creative Outlets
At the beginning of each year, I review my goals from the previous twelve months, evaluate what was accomplished, and set my sights on the next batch of short term objectives.  For 2009, I missed most of my goals, the two largest being:  a specific reduction in debt (unsuccessful due to the poor economy) and big promotion (also unrealized subject to corporate politics).
This left me dreading the official evaluation and score card.  The review was tabled, usually completed by the end of each December.  I found myself faces with some major soul searching and analysis.  The results?   Instead, this year I decided to take a slightly different approach.  Instead of the usual checklist of important tasks to complete or external material things I have to acquire, I looked deep within to see if there was anything “missing”.
What I came back with was a resounding, “Yes”.  But what was making my life incomplete?  How was I supposed to go about achieving, AND achieving happiness in 2010?  
Monday, January 25, 2010
Lessons from a Child
I cherish her hair with my silky stroke
While my weary one soundly slept
Serenity, harmony did she invoke
And the intense need to protect
Compassion, innocence, acceptance, trust
Virtues we all should admire
For civilizations’ transcendence we must
Strive for these traits to aspire
Always in present, not future or past
My little one’s never afraid
Of those uncontrollable fates that have cast
Unknown prices yet to be paid
But her future is written, that which she creates
My daughter in all will excel
By example she’ll lead, as her nature relates
Joy to others, their own lives propel.
Saige laughs, no abandon inhibits her form
She dances and sings with her soul.
All whom she touches begins to transform
Before her our lives were not whole.
Presence of moment, forgiveness and grace
No matter if boisterous or mild.
All it takes is the smile on one precious face
By example, we learn from a child.
She sleeps in perfection, her features are pure,
The model of innocent bliss.
Monday, March 2, 2009
Keep Moving Forward
When you are overwhelmed by the trials of every day life (as I am right now), remember what Lewis Robinson always said in the Disney animated movie, “Meet the Robinsons”:  KEEP MOVING FORWARD.  It has become, most recently  my new mantra in life.
Life is too short to dwell in the past.  And because we are beings of finite resources, I find I also don’t have the energy to relive past challenges over and over again. (They were draining enough the first time around.
To keep this short and sweet, and because I’m utterly exhausted (work, kids and WINTER, ugh..) I’m relying on others’ great quotes to keep me motivated through our remaining cold days of the season.
We need to stay focused on the positive, as well as keep our minds and hearts open to the universe’s selfless yet random and albeit rare opportunities.   And as my dear and very wise father always encouraged, “Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the solution.”
Find what motivates you, search for continued knowledge and
Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Hot Yoga for Cold Days
Yoga philosophy teaches us to be situationally non-judgmental and circumstantially non-attached; however, I can say without hesitation, “I profoundly hate cold weather.”   Although I do indeed, diligently cultivate Santosha in my life, the aversion to feeling the discomfort of cold is an obstacle I have yet to overcome.
My phenomenon is not singular.  A wide spectrum of negative experiences afflicts the general population during the winter months:  depression, fatigue, weight gain, irritability or even Seasonal Affective Disorder.  The good news is, yoga can help.  Not only by applying the Santosha Niyama to your lifestyle, but also by practicing specific yoga principles, you can combat those winter blues.
In the winter, we need to build heat and fight fatigue in order to maintain balance and avoid seasonal depression.  A few minutes of fast paced yoga poses will build heat.  Follow those with restorative poses which will recharge your energy stores.  The practice of specific
Saturday, August 16, 2008
Bucket List
I recently viewed the movie with Jack Nicholson (Edward) & Morgan Freedman (Carter) called the Bucket List.  The movie chronicled the shared last months of two men terminally diagnosed with cancer.  Although faced with their own impending mortality, they decided to embrace their remaining days and follow their dreams.   Life experiences meant to portend meaning and fulfillment were logged on a “Bucket List”, and the two began a journey, the sole purpose being the attainment of each item on the list.
Edward’s list consisted of exciting and expensive achievements:  skydiving, big game hunting, and penthouse suites.  Whereas, Carter’s aspirations were more sentimental:  “See something miraculous” and “Help someone for no reason”.
The Bucket List concept is not a new one for me.  I’ve been using goal assessment, prioritization and task management for years.  You can see this in my Post Holiday Blues blog from January.   So, I will not detail the process that I use again here.
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